If you are interested in my research and projects, and would like to join our Data Analytics and Intelligence Lab at Alibaba DAMO Academy as Research Scientists/Engineers or Research Interns, please find more information here or simply drop me a line.

I have worked with some amazing interns in Microsoft Research (2013-2017) and Alibaba (2018-now):

  • (2018) Yihan Gao, Jinglin Peng, Tianhao Wang
  • (2017) Silu Huang, Zhuoyue Zhao
  • (2016) Kolya Malkin, Dominik Moritz, Chang Zhao
  • (2015) Silu Huang, Vasileios Verroios
  • (2014) Fotis Psallidas, Saravanan Thirumuruganathan
  • (2013) Fabian Hüske, Yanyan Shen, Mohan Yang